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The Trade Council

The Trade Council offers small and large companies help to start exporting and expanding their activities to new markets. The Trade Council helps Danish companies to export through a number of free services, tailor-made solutions and subsidy programmes to sector specialized assistance.


The Trade Council is represented in Latvia by Denmark's Embassy in Latvia from where Estonia also is covered. The Trade Council works every day to promote Danish exports and strengthen the position of Danish companies in the Baltic market.

Latvia as a near market

Denmark has a very good reputation in Latvia - and in the Baltics in general. As one of the first countries to restore diplomatic relations with Latvia in 1991, Denmark has had a long and strong commitment to Latvia. The involvement of Danish companies in Latvia has been steadily increasing over the past several years. Latvia is an attractive location for Danish companies with easy access to raw materials and still relatively low production costs. Located in the middle of the Baltic, Latvia has a convenient location close to Denmark, where Riga, as the largest city in the region, has the dominant airport in the Baltics with direct flights from both Copenhagen, Aarhus and Billund. Latvia has a highly educated workforce, where the majority, especially the younger part of the population, speaks English, and the cultural differences between Denmark and Latvia are not overwhelming. This makes Latvia an easy country to do business in for Danish companies.

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The Danish Chamber of commerce

The Danish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (Det danske handelskammer i Letland / DCCL) was established in 2004.

The Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization working to promote Danish-Latvian business relations through social events and seminars. By bringing together Danish businesspersons from all over Latvia, the aim is to create an open forum where one can discuss local business matters, make contacts and network.

The Danish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia also offers its members information about Latvian business frameworks.

Further information can be found on the Chamber of Commerce website: Home - Danish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (