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Logistic opportunities

Due to Latvia’s strategic location in the Baltics, the logistics sector is one of the most important in the country. Due to the recent geopolitical changes, the logistic sector focuses on alternative suppliers.

The Latvian government has identified the development of an effective, secure, multi-modal, and competitive transportation system as a priority. The goal for the sustainable development of Latvia’s transportation system is to fully integrate Latvia’s infrastructure with the trans-European, multi-modal transportation system.

Latvia has three major ice-free seaports: Riga, Liepāja, and Ventspils. Each is actively working to expand, improve services and offer support mechanisms for potential investors. The best prospects are in developing different cargo terminals in the specified seaports. Latvia is also participating in the Rail Baltica-project, a €5.8 billion infrastructure-development project that will connect Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland – with a possible future link to Finland – through a European-gauge rail system. The project will create several procurement opportunities for Danish exporters, particularly in the areas of infrastructure design, construction services, and railway equipment. 

There are many opportunities in Latvia given its ports and high labour competitiveness. In addition to rail and seaports, Latvia has the potential to grow in road freight by investing in infrastructure improvements, and in air transport for both passengers and freight. Riga Airport is already the leading aviation hub for the three Baltic States, but it is currently being expanded as a part of the RIX Airport City-project, which is still looking for investors and developers, for the further development and implementation. 

The Trade Council provides assistance to Danish companies seeking to diversify their logistics and to explore the opportunities in Latvia.

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