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Visas to Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Islands

Latvian citizens and holders of Latvian Aliens (non-citizens) passport do not need a visa for entering Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Islands and staying in the country for tourism purposes for a period of up to 90 days within a half-year period.

Visas to Greenland and Faroe Islands

The Danish Embassy in Riga issues visas for travels to Faroe Islands and Greenland to citizens who legally reside in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Schengen visas and residence permits issued by Schengen countries do not provide rights to enter Greenland and Faroe Islands, unless it is specially stated in the residence permit or visa sticker.

The applicant must present:

  • Printed and signed cover letter from ApplyVisa
  • Passport valid for three months past the visa expiration date. The passport or travel document must have been issued within the past 10 years.
  • Invitation if it is a private visit or a visit to a company;       

  • Letter from the employer and/or from the educational  institution, if any;
  • Bank statement verifying that the Applicant has the necessary amount in his/her account, which is at least DKK 350 per day;   
  • The travel document must contain at least 2 blank pages. Residence permit or visa proving legal stay in the country of application (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia);
  • Hotel reservation;
  • The Applicant must fill in an application form (please find below).

The embassy advises the applicant NOT TO PURCHASE TICKETS before the embassy has reviewed the case and has informed the applicant of visa being granted. 
After the applicant has been informed of visa being granted, the applicant must present the following documents:

  • Original return tickets

The average casework time for visa applications.

Visa applications processed by the embassy up to 15 days.

Visa applications that must be submitted to the Immigration Service up t o15 days.

The applicants are kindly asked to contact the embassy and arrange appointments in advance.

Regarding your rights as a data subject

You are entitled, upon request, to be informed about the nature of the information being processed by the immigration authorities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark or the police, as well as about the purpose of the processing, the categories of recipients of such information, and the origin of the information. You may submit such a request to the following:

The Ministry of Immigration and Integration
Slotsholmsgade 10
DK-1216 Copenhagen K
Tel. +45 6198 4000
Email: [email protected]

The Immigration Service
Ryesgade 53
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø
Tel. +45 3536 6600
Email: [email protected]

The Agency for International Recruitment and Integration
The Citizen Centre
Njalsgade 72C, DK-2300 Copenhagen S
Tel. +45 7214 2001 (business)
Tel. +45 7214 2002 (studies)
Tel. +45 7214 2003 (other business)
Email: [email protected]

Please provide information on your personal identification number, case number or other specific information which can help the authorities find the biometric data related to you which they are processing.

You are entitled to raise an objection against the immigration authorities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and the police processing your biometric data to the Ministry of Immigration and Integration, the Immigration Service or the Agency for International Recruitment and Integration which are responsible for the immigration authorities' register. If these authorities are processing incorrect or misleading personal data or in a similar manner process personal data in contravention of the law, the Ministry of Immigration and Integration, the Immigration Service and the Agency for International Recruitment and Integration, which are keeping the register of biometric data, are required to rectify, block or potentially delete the information in the immigration authorities' register.

Finally, you may file a complaint over the processing of your fingerprints and photograph to the Data Protection Agency which supervises compliance with the Act on Processing of Personal Data, including authorities' processing of biometric data in Denmark: The Data Protection Agency, Borgergade 28, 5, DK-1300 Copenhagen K, Tel. +45 3319 3200, Email: [email protected] You may read further details about your rights under Title III of the Act on Pro-cessing of Personal Data, The Data Subject’s Rights.