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Travelling with pets

When you are travelling with pets certain rules apply

When travelling from Latvia to Denmark the following requirements for the pet must be met:

  • Microchip or tattoo,
  • EU Pet Passport,
  • Valid rabies vaccination.
    Dogs, cats and ferrets from EU Member States may enter Denmark through any border crossing.

Pet Passport and rabies vaccination

Besides ID the animal must have an EU Pet passport. The passport can be issued by a veterinarian and is only valid,  if it is certified that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies. It is important, that the most recent rabies vacciation date is not prior to the date of identification.
Primary rabies vaccination must be given at least 21 days prior to departure.

If the animal already has a rabies vaccination, which is still valid, it is not necessary to redo the vaccination.

For more information please see the link of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration below.


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