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Politics and Economy

The embassy closely monitors the economic and political development in Latvia and Latvian foreign policy. We follow the general political debate, keep abreast of the news flow, national political affairs, and the economic situation in Latvia.

As part of this work, the embassy meets with many different partners such as ministers, members of parliament, authorities, independent researchers, NGOs and think tanks, etc.

Through continuous contact with relevant Latvian stakeholders and insight into Latvian matters, the Embassy reports to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other parts of the Danish Central Administration on Latvia's positions prior to meetings in international forums in which both countries participate. In addition, the Embassy provides analyses and assessments of Latvia's interests and views to Danish policy makers and authorities.

The embassy works to promote Danish interests and Denmark's cooperation with Latvia, both bilaterally and internationally. We present and explain the Danish government's position on many different foreign policy issues, including the EU, NATO, global security, anti-terrorism, globalization, cooperation in international organizations, the fight against poverty, human rights and several other areas.