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Culture, media and public ciplomacy

Promotion of Denmark, Danish culture and Danish strongholds is one of the embassy's most important tasks. The embassy is working to promote awareness of Denmark and maintain as well as develop a good relationship with Latvia.

Through general dissemination of information to the public, Latvian media, and on social media, the embassy helps to promote Danish attitudes, values, strongholds, and culture. In these activities, it is also sought to find a common ground between Latvia and Denmark on various topics. The Embassy organises Danish cultural events in Latvia, with both Danish and Latvian stakeholders, and works to promote Danish participation in cultural events in Latvia.

The embassy cooperates closely with the Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on cultural activities. The Cultural Institute has it´s head office in Riga Cultural activities in Latvia are prepared in close cooperation between government organizations in Denmark and Latvia, cultural institutions, and independent producers.

The embassy also collaborates with the other Nordic countries and the Nordic Council of Ministers with focus on culture, for example, through joint events. The Nordic ambassadors also have a permanent column in Latvija's Avize, which is one of Latvia's largest newspapers. Here, the ambassador writes about current topics with an interesting Danish cultural point of view. The columns have previously covered topics such as food waste and Latvian-Danish cooperation with a focus on the green agenda.

Publications of ambassador Flemming Stender

Wind works, Latvijas Avize, 26.03.2021

Culture unites people across borders, Latvijas Avize, 27.11.2020

A green recovery, Latvijas Avize, 31.07.2020

A common effort against food waste. Latvijas Avize, 27.03.2020.

Hello Latvia! Latvijas Avize, 29.11.2019.